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Entrepreneurial Resource Centers Enrolling Spring 2022

The KHSD ROC and CTEC Entrepreneurial Resource Centers (ERC) offer specialized opportunities through programming that exposes students to new ways of thinking that support their unique goals and ambitions. This Spring semester students can enroll in the Exploring Entrepreneurial Mindsets or Entrepreneurial Essentials and Endeavors.

Exploring Entrepreneurial Mindsets

The ERC centers have served over 160 students in the Exploring Entrepreneurial Mindsets course. The course survey revealed 91% of students would recommend this course to others. In their own words:

  • “I loved interacting in this class. It made me feel more confident of actually doing what I want to do and become.”
  • “The amount of positivity in this class is so encouraging.”
  • “This course is amazing! Learned a ton! Very engaging. Definitely a unique experience.”
Now it is your student’s chance to connect with their passions and engage in fun business focus activities while developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Interested 7th – 12th graders can apply today by clicking on the flyer below or following this link: 

Entrepreneurial Essentials and Endeavors

Students who have a business idea, are in business, or are helping a family member with a business are highly encouraged to enroll in Entrepreneurial Essentials and Endeavors. In this twelve-week course, students will evaluate, validate and pitch a business idea.

See what students and parents have to say about their experience in the Entrepreneurial Essentials and Endeavors Fall 2021 course:

  • “My daughter Nyle started the entrepreneur summer program in July 2021, she continued with the fall classes 2021 and plans to attend in February 2022. This program has made such a positive impact on my daughter. She raves about the other students and teachers. She comes home positive and excited about taking her salsa business to the next level. This is an amazing program and allows our young people to express themselves through their crafts.”
  • “This class has really impacted me in a positive way. It helped me gather up knowledge and information I needed to be able to open a business and have a successful business. I really recommend this class for other students that wish to one day open a business.”
  • “Madison loved being in this class and can’t wait to come back! I will say this class made her more confident to speak in front of others and the knowledge she is walking away with I am so incredibly proud.”
  • “The program provides a large and interactive working environment! Peers and fellow striving entrepreneurs enjoy almost every minute of the time that they’re there!”

For more course details and how to apply, review and click the flyer below or follow this link: